How to Brand Your Instagram Profile

How to Brand Your Instagram Profile

Before we getting into the gritty work of getting your first 1000 followers, let’s talk about branding.

It’s important that you build a personal brand. The way I would recommend that you do that is by making a “personal/business brand”, which is a hybrid between a personal account and business account. The benefit of that is it allows to pull elements from both sides which resonates with your clientele more.


That’s the first step you need to take, the next one is optimising your account. Starting with your username, if it’s a personal account I recommend using your real name otherwise if it’s a business account you just put the name of your business.

Either way you should keep it short and simple, you want your name to stick out and resonate in people’s mind.


Next up is your name which you may think is the same the step before, but it’s not! This a common mistake people using the same name as they put in their username because it’s a lot of opportunity lost. The reason opportunity is being lost is because the words that you end up using in your name are searchable! A better way to be more efficient is to use key words in the name field. Try using words that you think people would look up while trying to find a business such as yours.


Last, but certainly not least is your bio. You probably want to separate your bio into 2 sections. In the first section you wanna tell people who you are, what you do, and how you do it. For example if you run a clothing brand you’ll want to tell people what you offer and how the clothing gets made.


The second part of the bio I recommend using it to put a link to your product since Instagram only allows one link. If you’re running a promotion it’s a good place to describe it. For example if you’re giving away a 3 shirts for the price of 2, you could write that and then right under put a link straight to your promotion.