How to Grow Your Business With Instagram Stories

How to Grow Your Business With Instagram Stories

If growing your account and enticing more clients and followers is what you intend to achieve, Instagram stories are one of the amazing tools you can utilize. Sadly, most individuals get stuck as they could not comprehend the distinction between Instagram stories and their feeds.

I will suggest that you should make your feed to be a quality representation of your brand where you display high quality side of your business. You can also make use of your Instagram stories which lasts for twenty-four hours to discuss your experience, and inform your audience of your activities where they get to see the actions that happens in the backroom.


How can you take advantage of Instagram Stories to enhance your business and gain your first 1000 Instagram followers? Firstly, I will recommend that Instagram stories should be used to drive attention to my new posts. I want to ensure people, who are viewing my story switch to my posts, and this will improve the engagement level of the post, and it will be seen as high quality by the Instagram algorithm.

The second technique is to ensure your best Instagram stories are saved as highlights on your Instagram profile. These saved Instagram stories maintain a permanent spot on your profile, and offer premium value to most business owners.

I will also suggest you choose the stories that represent your brand and inform your viewers about your business line, and saving them as a highlight on your profile. With this method, a new follower coming to your Instagram profile for the first time will have an idea of your personality.


Because of the versatility of your Instagram stories Highlights, you can utilize various tactics such as highlighting tips, testimonials, and product reviews, and any other thing that offers premium value to new visitors coming to your page for the first time.