How to Increase Instagram Engagement

How to Increase Instagram Engagement

As a matter of fact, the Instagram algorithm usually gives special treatment to accounts that utilize the entire features of Instagram. If your aim is to post photo posts on Instagram without using other features, it is detrimental to your campaign and not going to give you the desired results.

You can begin the process of experiment by using carousel posts or make a poll in your Instagram stories. Instagram is continually rolling out new features; you should make use of them to ensure your performance is enhanced in the algorithm even if you do not like these features. If you want a simple method to increase your Instagram engagement, the best decision is to change to an Instagram business profile.


Irrespective of the unconfirmed talks going round, there is an absence of strong indication that Instagram business profiles achieve lower engagement. Most Instagram business profiles are free to gain access to strong Instagram analytics that can be utilized to have a thorough understanding of your audience, the kind of content that fascinates them, which will assist you to create a content that will engage them. In addition, Instagram business profiles have unrestricted access to most of the features on Instagram, which will improve the engagement rate such as addition of links to your Instagram stories, and rank your page in the Instagram algorithm.

These are some of the amazing features that an Instagram business profile can offer you:

  • Addition of links to Instagram stories: Instagram business accounts that have more than ten thousand followers can drive traffic by adding “swipe links” to their stories, and increase their engagement rates.
  • Instagram shopping: It enables you to tag certain products in your organic Instagram posts.
  • Makes Scheduling of Instagram posts easier: You can save significant time by scheduling posts that will be automatically posted to Instagram.
  • Enhance Instagram Ads and Posts: It helps you achieve more comments and likes by enhancing your Instagram post to a similar audience, or use ads to gain more followers or sell your brand’s products and services.
  • Instagram Insights: You will achieve in-depth analytics about your account’s level of engagement with your audience.