Shopping Made Easy with the New Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

Shopping Made Easy with the New Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

More than three hundred million individuals are making use of Instagram Stories each day, and this has prompted Instagram to introduce a simpler method of shopping to the Instagram platform.

The idea of shopping through Instagram Stories has been utilized by several influencers and brands, as they have been training their followers to shop their stories by including the URL links of products and “SHOP NOW”. Shopping through Instagram stories is not a new trend and it is commonly used by various brands. Presently, Instagram has simplified the process for retailers by including their new shoppable stickers for Instagram Stories.


Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers. What are they?

The normal Instagramshoppable posts share a striking resemblance with the brand new shoppable stickers for Instagram stories, as business brands can tag physical products from an ecommerce platform or the inventory. As soon as an item is clicked on Instagram, the price, description, and name of the item will be displayed.

These shoppable stickers can be attached on pictures and videos. However, there are four various kinds of stickers and these are a shopping bag icon, a sticker with the name of the product written in grey or rainbow color, and a glowing text not different from the recent location stickers and hashtag.

Who can use the Shoppable stickers on Instagram Stories?

Presently, few selected brands can make use of the stickers but every Instagram user can view and shop them. These shoppable stickers should be available on your Instagram stories pretty soon, as Gap is one of the brands using the new feature presently.


According to the official release by Instagram, we are expected to see more coming soon. Just like the new features of Instagram, this amazing feature will be available to business profiles on the Instagram platform. However, if this feature is made available to all businesses irrespective of their sizes, the use of shoppable stickers could change the face of business immensely. Presently, brands with less than ten thousand followers cannot drive traffic to their products from Instagram stories as you cannot add links to Instagram stories. Only brands that has been verified by Twitter or have more than ten thousand followers can add links to Instagram stories.

With this, each business profile will gain access to Instagram Shopping irrespective of the size of their fan base, and we are expectant about the upgrade.

This new feature is a welcome development that brings joy to various brands that have been searching for means to improve their sales on Instagram. Without mincing words, Instagram stories have become a significant business tool for several brands that want to achieve their marketing targets for 2018, and the experience is about to get more comfortable.