What to Post on Instagram to Get 1000 Followers for Instagram

What to Post on Instagram to Get 1000 Followers for Instagram

There is no doubt that the content posted by you has a significant influence on the pace of your growth and the kind of people you entice to your brand. This brings to the question of how do you engage the right audience with your posts? I will advise that you utilize the “CHECT” approach, as this is a worksheet that your entire posts are appropriately improved for growth.

The first letter “C” denotes content. It is crucial to ensure your content is unique and renowned for quality. However, its picture should align with your brand and Instagram standards.

On the other hand, the second letter “H” denotes hashtags. It is crucial to have deep thinking about your specific industry or niche, and the customers’ lifestyles when you are searching for hashtags for your posts. It is an excellent idea to know the type of hashtags that appeals to their interests. The simple question will be, which hashtags are they showing interest in?


E denotes engaging. It is crucial to understand that engaging with your teeming followers and other accounts is crucial to your success. Based on the Instagram model, you will receive what you give out. Growing will be hard task if you fail to engage your community as well.


C symbolizes captions. Captions are one of the best places to offer premium value and talk extensively about yourself and share your success stories with your teeming followers on Instagram. It is sad that most business entities are not taking full advantage of captions and utilizing its amazing potentials. Your video or pictures can entice different people to your page, but caption will make them have a deeper understanding of your values.


On a final note, letter “T” signifies tagging. It is better to tag other accounts in your posts. For example, tag a minimum of twenty relevant accounts when you post and these accounts should be feature accounts, repost accounts, and tourism boards. It is an excellent idea to tag the post location as it will enhance the engagement level of your posts.